Thursday, October 31, 2013


  1. Have you ever sat and tried to list (metaphorically... of course) the people that you care about? 
  2. Do you think about the criteria you use to list those people?
  3. Do you randomly think of one more person and try to decide whether to include them or not on your list? 
  4. How does your decision to decidedly say, "No, this person doesn't meet such and such criteria" make you feel? 
  5. Do you begin to rethink your definition of "care about"?
  6. Does it, then, open a whole other can of worms that you hadn't thought about? 
  7. Does it begin to get confusing?
  8. Do you begin to feel like a bad person? 
  9. Do the sayings like "seasons change" or "friends come and go" help? 
  10. Do you begin to wonder whether this person or persons care at all? 
  11. Do you conclude no?
  12. Do you then wonder how a simple mind tangent ended up in much deeper depressing thoughts?

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